The Importance of Storytelling in Social Media Marketing - Soodi
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The Importance of Storytelling in Social Media Marketing

Storytelling and social media go together like bread and butter.

We use social media to connect with our target market and evidently turn those ‘views’ into loyal customers. But how do we go about catalyzing that transition without coming off too ‘promotional’ or sales like?

It’s important to understand that an audience is emotional, responsive, and constantly evolving based on their needs and attention span. Good news is that they are hardwired with a rational side and an emotional side that when activated simultaneously (through storytelling), can lead to a change in behaviour.

That change in behaviour is the positive response to your ‘call to action’, such as a request to subscribe to your newsletter, or to make a purchase on your website. When you use stories to convey business information, not only are you simplifying the process of understanding for your audience, but you are also humanizing your brand and ensuring that your message is being heard.

Next time you are using social media as a marketing tool to better your business, compliment your messaging with the power of storytelling in order to increase customer retention and your ROI.

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