We don’t trust marketers, we trust influencers. - Soodi
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We don’t trust marketers, we trust influencers.

When it comes to making a decision on purchasing a product or a service, we value the opinions of our fellow consumers, family, and friends more than that of marketers. How many times have you checked out the online reviews of a restaurant before you officially made a reservation? Or cruised through feedback given by other travellers who stayed at a certain resort in order to see how their experience went? We have the tendency to believe more in a product review that is written by a total stranger, than the information presented to us by a marketer. The conversations that we have with other people have the greatest impact on what we end up buying or not buying in the future.

Soodi- The importance of influencers in Marketing

Whether it’s writing a review, a blog post, or simply talking to a friend about a product, we as consumers automatically take on the role of an influencer. This gets difficult for marketers, since consumers generally don’t trust their opinions because there is money involved for them. However, it does provide a unique opportunity for marketers to identify, interact, and reward the people who are actively influencing others regarding their product/service. This includes performing key word searches on social platforms and looking up hashtags that the brand may have been mentioned under. That way, marketers can take action and build a stronger relationship with their influencers in order to continue to reach their target audience through them in a positive way.

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